Appleseed Logo
Appleseed Homes is your Staten Island Real Estate Company ready to provide excellent REO Services.

Appleseed Homes has over 25 years of REO experience. We provide real estate business solutions to assist clients protect and market their REO assets, reduce costs, lower inventory and increase net return.

We have the following departments able to facilitate and expedite the foreclosure sale, together with over 120 sales associates in Staten Island an Brooklyn.

Our Departments:
Rental Department.
Commercial Division.
Property management: We specialize in large and small scale property management, complete facility and property maintenance services, including cash for keys.
Mortgage Brokerage Division.
Services we provide:
Initial inspection of property.
Securing and re-keying of properties.
Obtain detailed Broker’s Price Opinion with pictures.
Obtain itemized bid repairs from contractors.
Order appraisal.
Prepare and submit marketing strategy.
Handle the process of activating and paying all utilities; then submitting reimbursement documentation.
Written review of all offers.
Rent collection.
Eviction assistance.
Constant monitoring and supervision of all aspects of the REO process.
Give me a call today!

Rosemarie Rivicci

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Appleseed Homes


2043 Richmond Avenue

Staten Island, New York 10314

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