Apple iPad 3 Announcement March 7th? Possible Retina Display and Siri?

Apple iPad 3 Announcement March 7th?  Possible Retina Display and Siri?  The time has finally come!

With Apples announcement of an event on March 7th, it can only mean one thing.  iPad 3!!!!

The iPad 3 or whatever Apple will choose to call it  is expected to bring many new features to the already best selling tablet.  The most highly anticipated is the inclusion of a retina display.  This video shows the comparision of a regualr iPad 2 display and the rumored iPad 3’s retina display. This will be an excellent tool for Realtors when showing photos of homes on their iPad.  Another long awaited feature rumored to be in the iPad 3 is 4g LTE.  If included this will bring much faster speeds than the current 3g speeds in the iPad 2.  Less time wasted for homebuyers and Realtors who want to see just one more home, or even bring up comparable properties when buyers are ready to make offers.   There are a few reasons Apple has not included 4g in the past.  One is that the chips are still very big and would cause the device that they are in to be bigger.  Apple is known for its visually appealing products and likes to keep them as thin as possible.  Another downside to 4g connectivity is it greatly decrease battery life.  Another feautre that Apple takes very serioulsly in the current iPad model that gets an astounding 10+ hours. Whether or not the technology has improved enough where Apple will not need to make any sacrifices in battery life  or its sleek design.   A quad core processor such as the A6  is expected to overtake the dual core A5 processor that is used in the iPad 2.  This will make way for much more powerful apps and also much better graphics for gaming which is the number one category in the app store.   The final question will be whether or not Apple will include Siri in the new iPad or keep it exclusive to the iPhone 4S.   With the announcment only one week from today we wont have to wait to much longer to see which of these features Apple will choose to include in its latest tablet computer.

Overall this sounds like it will be an excellent tool for any Realtor looking to work smart with their buyers and sellers!